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Breeding Farm Software Solution

Paddock Pro is unmatched in the industry in the way the software handles syndicated stallions and season management. Keep track of season use, dynamically create stallion contracts and manage the breeding shed in one integrated system. Paddock Pro Breeders Edition also handles Artificial Insemination breeding with collections, embryo transfers and implants and tracking recip mares. This Horse Breeding Software integrates automatically with the fully functional Accounts Receivable system. Paddock Pro Breeders Edition includes access to vet, farrier, racing and sales modules for a complete Equine Business management software solution.


"Before switching to Paddock Pro, we had to use a separate software program for breeding contracts and commission agreements. The team at Alua Software has provided outstanding customer service and a great product."


Todd Adams, Vinery


Save Time and Money with Paddock Pro

Paddock Pro provides an all-in-one solution where a single system takes care of the many record keeping needs of your farm. This saves you time. With Paddock Pro you can streamline your processes and increase your efficiency. Billing accuracy also improves as you avoid duplicate entries and your record keeping system and your billing system are one and the same.

Customer Service Creates Customer Delight (Service-human on phone, updates/upgrades, product not stagnant, responsive to needs)

Paddock Pro provides excellent customer service. When you call for help you get expert help on the phone when you need it. Although Paddock Pro is a complete system, we feel that it can always be improved. As your business needs change, Paddock Pro changes with you.

Available where and when you need it (Accessibility-any computer/device, portable, mobile)

Paddock Pro is the #1 internet-based equine management system available. It is portable, mobile and accessible. You can securely access your Paddock Pro account from any computer or device with internet access whether that be an IBM, Apple/Mac, or a smart phone.

Edition Features

  • Stallion/season Syndicate/share management
  • Automated pedigrees
  • Integrated billing
  • Unified, all-in-one solution

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