‎"With over 30 years of experience managing large Arabian farms, and now at Hennessey Arabians managing a herd of 100 horses, Paddock Pro helps me stay organized with daily farm activity and client billing!"


George Zbyszewski, Hennessey Arabians


‎"We find Paddock Pro to be the most all-inclusive program with the best record keeping that we have tried. Easy to input information, helpful tech staff, great herd health and breeding management reporting. We are very happy with the product and will recommend it to any farm."


Nancy Gallún, Gallún Farms


"Paddock Pro does an excellent job on our record keeping and billing."


Bryan Jeffries, Manager Lyday Farms (Arabian breeding in Honey Grove, TX


"Just a quick note to tell you guys how much I appreciate your program. The conversion we made to Paddock Pro was extremely simple and the changeover took place without a hitch. I learned the software and found it very simple to use. However the biggest timesaver for me has been the use of your data entry service. I cannot tell you how much that helps me. For a small monthly fee it's like having a full time bookkeeper for a tenth of the price. I don't know why everyone doesn't take advantage of this service. Thanks again and keep up the good work!""


Tammy Hassenpflug, Southwind Farm


"Paddock Pro streamlines the whole process of herd health management and compiles the information you need into concise reports and worksheets."


Gayle Hudson, Magali Farms


"Paddock Pro has made working life so much easier! To be able to sit down, open one program, and have all your horse information, reports, pictures and contracts in one place makes it so easy and quick to get my work done. Before Paddock Pro, I had to not only have our farm management program open, but an Excel spreadsheet to run alongside it because the reports either didn't exist or didn't give me the information I needed and to have them customized cost a fortune. Having to double-process everything just took up my time and gave more way for human error. Paddock Pro has reports for just about everything! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to run an entire farm - from breeding up to training - in one program."


Lori Piedra, Golden Eagle Farm


"The big software vendors could learn something from you guys on service and support!"


Mike Baust, Harris Farms Horse Division


"Alua Software's Paddock Pro is a must have for every barn. As a hunter/jumper trainer I need to keep up with each horse in my care. I used to use spreadsheets, then billing software and notes all over the place. With Paddock Pro, I have the convenience of having everything on my laptop, wherever I go. The fact that it is web-based means I don't have to back my system up. If I drop my laptop and lose everything else, my records will be there for me. The customer service is second to none. They understand that I am not a computer genius and are happy to walk me through whatever situation I am having. I can keep track of my billing, schedules, and what is going out, which means I can watch my bottom line. In this economy, that is not just good business, that's smart business. Paddock Pro software makes sense."


Keri Homer, Rising Phoenix Equine Center


"It is so nice to just enter treatments and at the end of the month it is all on the invoice."


Kellie Stobie, Hacienda Siesta Alegre


"Thanks to Paddock Pro, we are much more efficient because it eliminates the need to enter the same data multiple times. Before switching to Paddock Pro, we had to use a separate software program for breeding contracts and commission agreements. The team at Alua Software has provided outstanding customer service and a great product."


Todd Adams, Vinery


"At the end of the month, forty to sixty man hours are saved — by switching to this program."


Tom Hudson, Magali Farms


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